Damian Breslin
Table of Contents
Clarion Write-a-Thon
"Translating" (title subject to change)
Having been diagnosed schizoaffective, I've worked hard to understand what is so different about the way I think and how much it diverges from the acceptable 'norm'. Over the years, I've come to find many people with mental issues ranging from depression, to manic depressive, to various forms of schizophrenia. We shared many aspects of how our life is and the coping mechanisms we used to manage. I noticed that many of the suggestions were the same and that's why there is such a thing as a mental health community.

I am currently off anti-psychotics due to the horrible side-effects, and have been seeking new forms of therapy. Throughout this, I've learned to 'translate' my thoughts into something the average person can understand. After being told I should make something out of this, I'm finally writing it down. I'll be posting excerpts as I work my way through the experience during the 6 weeks given. Keep checking for more, thank you, and wish me luck!